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Noise prediction

ScanVibra performs noise calculations and predictions for a wide range of newbuilding types.

The purpose is to determine at the design stage the noise levels to be expected in all relevant areas. If excessive noise levels are predicted, decisions can be made on the necessary noise reducing measures.

In the noise prediction, a calculation model is prepared comprising main noise sources, noise transmission in the ship hull, and noise radiation in the receiving spaces. Air-borne as well as structure-borne noise is calculated

All relevant ship noise sources are introduced in the calculation model - propellers, gearboxes, engines, exhaust systems, fans etc.

Noise reducing measures such as resilient mountings, floating floors, sound insulation etc. can be simulated in order to evaluate the dB(A) noise reduction for various alternatives.

The basic consideration behind our noise prediction services is that noise problems may be solved effectively with small or moderate cost implications during the design stage. Problems found on the sea trials may be much more difficult to rectify.

In addition to noise onboard, also external noise (radiated e.g. into harbour areas) can be predicted and reduced if necessary. This is increasingly important for a number of owners and operators.

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