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ScanVibra is an internationally recognized consulting engineering company specialized in ship noise and vibration control.

Track record more than 100 in-depth noise & vibration studies.

Extensive survey & troubleshooting experience.

Long term clients include top level builders, owners and designers.

Track record covers the full range of effort - up to state of the art cruise ships, luxury yachts (100m+), high power ro-paxes and the most advanced special vessels.

Reviews, analyses and predictions combine to provide minimum risk of unforeseen problems in newbuilding projects.

Experience and advanced measurement tools provide the basis of effective trouble shooting, if problems are found on sea trials or in service.

ScanVibra makes a difference based on scientifically based detail insight into acoustics and dynamics, but also practical understanding of ship design and operation.


Key services

Noise & vibration analysis
Design reviews
Measurement services

Trouble shooting




Passenger ships
Luxury yachts
Container ships, tankers
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