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About ScanVibra
The basis of ScanVibra has been founded working as a consulting engineer specialized in ship noise and vibration control since 1990. ScanVibra was established in 2005 and has developed a very strong track record. 
I have worked with a large number of vessels - ro-paxes, cruise ships, yachts, offshore support vessels, drilling ships, container ships, tankers and through to small boats. I have been travelling on behalf of client shipyards and owners in more than 20 countries.
Along the way, in parallel with consultancy work, I have worked with new methods and analysis tools. Most notably in the challenging world of propeller cavitation and related noise, vibration and pressure pulsations - phenomena, which will probably never cease to cause headaches for owners, yards and designers.
ScanVibra works to continue the ongoing developments in the industry:
constant improvement of analysis and prediction methods
more effective noise and vibration reducing measures
making a real difference in trouble shooting.
Ulrik M. Rasmussen

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Passenger ships
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Container ships, tankers
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